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Instant Gojju avalakki mix (hot n tangy poha powder)

Gojjavalakki is one of the tastiest breakfast food that can be successfully adapted into an instant mix.
Gojju means sauce and avalakki means beaten rice or poha.
Whenever you want a quick breakfast you have to just mix water and keep it aside for few mins.

It's a no onion no garlic recipe prepared during fasting in Karnataka. It is also served as prasadam in temples.Yummy yet healthy and gluten free alternative for upma made using beaten rice/ poha.
The original recipe uses coarsely ground Thick beaten rice or poha. It is mixed with a sweet and sour sauce. When it has soaked up all the sauce, it is tempered with a fragrant tempering.  You will love this sweet, sour and spicy poha with lots of crunchy bits of dal and peanuts.

Since we are cooking without kitchen we are going to do it differently.
I came across this instant mix 7 years back in a blog named Sumscuisine. I have been using this successfully since then with just a few alterations to speed up the process. It turns out delicious each time. Prepare this mix and store it in a jar. Eat a spoonful of this dry mix it is so tasty ,you might finish the entire container without even trying it mixing with water.

Here is the recipe to make this Instant Gojjavalakki Mix.

Ingredient list

4 cups Thick beaten rice /poha  (do not use thin poha)
Jaggery 1 small lemon size/ 3 T powder
Tamarind 4 tsp/  small lemon size
Rasam powder 1 tsp-2 tsp
Sambar powder 2 tsp-4tsp
Dessicated coconut /grated dried coconut 1/2 cup-2/3 cup (OPTIONAL)

For the tempering/ tadka
6 tsp/ 2 tbsp oil
2 tsp mustard seeds
2 tsp chana dal
2 handfuls of peanuts or less
2 tsp urad dal
1 dry red chilli (seeds removed and broken into bits)
20 curry leaves (chopped finely with scissors)
2 tsp turmeric powder
3 tsp/ 1 tbsp sesame seeds

1.    Sieve Beaten rice in a sieve or pick out any unwanted particles out of it.
Powder it in the mixer to a coarse consistency (should resemble semolina or rava). Take this coarsely powdered poha (Beaten rice) into a wide bowl.

2. Chop jaggery finely or grate it or you could even use powdered jaggery which is readily available in the market.
3. Pick out any fibers or hard outer coating clinging to the tamarind. Dry roast it for a minute or two in a heavy kadai or a non stick pan.When it is completely cool grind it along with a fistful of thick poha. It will not be a fine powder. Take it out on to a plate.

Instead of grinding tamarind you can cut them into small bits with scissors.I find this convenient.  

4. Put the tamarind powder, jaggery powder, rasam powder, sambar powder and salt over the poha kept in the wide bowl. Mix well. I prefer to pulse this in the mixer jar for few seconds so that they mix well.

5.Start the tempering process by heating a small pan with oil. 
Now put in mustard, chana dal, peanuts and stir. 
When peanuts are roasted and chana dal starts turning into golden brown put in urad dal and by the time both these dals become golden, you should put broken red chilli, chopped curry leaves and turmeric.
When curry leaves become crisp put in sesame seeds and as they just start to pop, switch off the heat.

6. Pour the tempering over the poha mix. Also add the dessicated coconut or grated copra (dried coconut).
Stir with a spatula so that all the items get thoroughly mixed.Taste this poha mix to check for salt. You can add jaggery, salt, sambhar powder if needed.

7. Cool it well and store it in few 100 or 200 ml air tight containers. And use a dry spoon and a dry hand each time.

 Try not to store the entire mix in a single jar. You can refrigerate this too.

How to use this ?
Click on this green colored word for step by step picture recipe for preparing gojjuvalakki .

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