Instant semia payasam and seviyan kheer

 This recipe is for anyone who wants to have a quick snack or dessert. It does not belong to any region, it is just a simple modern Indian dessert. Feel free to change the flavors by adding cloves and raisins (fried in ghee) or khoya if you are missing payasam or kheer. Instant Indian dessert mix is used to turn this simple kheer (pudding) into a thick and creamy dessert. Earlier, I had used this mix to make bread halwa and to garnish bread pudding. You can make variations by adding cocoa pd and fruits into this. Look out for the tips to prepare these versions, at the end of this recipe.

Instant Indian dessert mix
In south India ,vermicelli payasam is prepared. It is of thinner consistency and some roasted raisins and cashew  are added into it. Payasam is flavored with cloves and cardamom.
People in most parts of Northern india enjoy making thick creamy kheer out of vermicelli.
Thickened milk solid (khoya / mava/ khova) is used to make it thick and  the  kheer is flavored with rose or kewra.

You need not measure anything , if it is less sweet add sugar, if it turns out slightly thin add vermicelli, if it is thicker than desired add milk to thin it out. It is a very easy recipe.

1/2 cup super thin vermicelli (nylon)
1.5 cups milk (full fat/ toned/ low fat can be used)
2 tbsp Instant Indian dessert mix
2 tbsp Sugar (or add as required)


Nylon vermicelli is pre-roasted, so it saves some of your time.
These vermicelli are very long and it is difficult to take it out of the packet.
Break the vermicelli into bits by bending the packet.

Cut open the packet and take out the quantity that you need, into a thick bottomed vessel or a rice cooker pan.
Put in milk and press the 'cook' button. Do not cover the pan. The milk tends to overflow when covered.
After the milk starts bubbling and vermicelli is cooked add the instant pd and sugar.
Let if boil for 2 more minutes. Check the sweetness. You might need few more spoons of sugar.
Switch of the rice cooker and leave the pan in it.
Stir from time to time to avoid cream formation.
If you are hungry eat it piping hot.
If you can wait let it cool to room temperature / chill it and you will get a creamy Indian dessert. If it thickens on cooling add 1/4 cup milk.

You can heat the milk and then add the vermicelli. Vermicelli cooks in 3 mins.
If you are planning to make this with thicker vermicelli-

Heat 1 cup water and then add the pre-roasted vermicelli(use Bambino/MTR brand). Let it cook for 8-10 mins and then add milk, instant dessert pd and sugar and cook for 5-8 mins. Switch off the cooker and leave the pan in the hot rice cooker for another 10 mins.

Fruit and vermicelli kheer- Try adding orange segments, banana slices, mango cubes into the cooled /chilled  kheer.
Mix in 1 tsp cocoa pd or 1 tbsp hot chocolate mix into the milk to make chocolate kheer.

It is a very easy dessert when you have to cook a complete meal.

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