Some more veggies stir-fried with instant masala

I hope you have read a post where I had covered on the topic- 'Adapting stirfry for rice cooker'.
You can consider this post as the second part of that. This is for the regular readers of my blog who have already cooked many of my recipes. Anyone who is new here might not understand this post. 
You can try out some of the recipes given in earlier posts as they all have step-by-step pictures.

1. Ivy gourd (tendli) with american corn-

Cut ivy gourd into circles using a slicer and steam these. Put oil and onions in the rice cooker. Cover and cook till onions are transparent. Add fresh or frozen corn and stir well. Mix in Instant kolhapuri masala.Check for salt. Add very little tomato paste or puree if desired.

2.Kathiyawadi karela - bitter melon recipe from Gujarat

Slice the bitter gourd into half , remove and discard the seeds. Cut into thin half circles. Mix in salt and keep it covered for 30 mins. Wash it and squeeze out some of its juice. Mix oil and these slices and cover and cook till the slices are soft and slightly golden. Add in peanut masala, chickpea masala, kolhapuri masala and little garlic pd. You can add sugar / jaggery or brown sugar as per your taste, stir till jaggery melts.

3. Amaranth dal (ambat)- greens cooked with lentils in konkani style

Prepare a tadka for dal by frying onions and tomatoes in the rice cooker pan. Remove out into a bowl.
Discard any thick stems of red amaranth leaves. Chop them finely. Cook it for 10 mins with water in the same pan. When half cooked add instant dal mix-1 mixed in little water. Cook for 15 mins. Add coconut milk. Cook for 2 mins and then mix in the tadka.

4. Mix vegetable korma-

Fry onion, tomatoes and kolhapuri masala in the rice cooker pan.
Boil chopped vegetables (carrot, capsicum, cauliflower, green peas and potatoes) with water in a rice cooker pan. Now you can add Instant dal mix or powdered bhakar bhaji mix to thicken this gravy. Cook for some time. Add the fried onion mixture and coconut milk. Adding a mint powder and little garam masala pd will make this very tasty. Cook for some more time.

5. Capsicum or bell pepper sambharia-

Same as capsicum corn stir-fry recipe which I have shared earlier. But prepared only using capsicum.

 6. Doodhi/ ghia/ calabash with peanut-  Marathwada cuisine from Maharastra

 Mix in oil and peeled and cubed bottle gourd (calabash). Add little salt and cover and cook 
till golden. Now mix in little kolhapuri masala and peanut pd masala.Stir fry for few mins.Adding mint or fresh coriander leaves along with the masala increases its flavor.

7. Bharela bhindi kathiawadi style- spicy hot  stuffed okra

Same as stuffed okra recipe which I had shared earlier. But add  kolhapuri masala into the stuffing for chilli- garlic flavor. You can mix in lemon juice or dried mango pd (amchur) and coriander leaves too.
8. Frans beans aur matar

 Steam french beans and green peas. Put this into a non-stick pan or electric rice cooker pan. Mix little oil and salt into this. Sprinkle Instant peanut pd masala for stir-fry on top and cover and cook for 2 mins. Open the lid and  stir fry for a minute. 

 I hope you found this useful. I find posting recipes this way is convenient for those of you who have most of my Instant masala in your cupboard . This way you need not wait for individual post.

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