How to fry cauliflower in electric rice cooker and gobhi fry.

Remove the greens and cut into medium sized florets.You can just pull the florets apart with your fingers.

 After 10 mins drain the cauliflower and keep ready.

Put cauliflower florets and 1 tsp oil in the rice cooker's non-stick pan. Cover with the lid and press the 'cook' button.

 After 3 mins it will start sizzling and turn to warm mode. Do not remove the pan out of the cooker.
Wait for 2-3 mins and then add 1/4 tsp salt and mix well. Now you will be able to press it back to 'cook' mode.

  Let it sizzle and cook for another 10 mins till they turn slightly golden. It will come back to warm mode. Leave the cauliflower in this hot cooker for few more mins.

 After you have finished why don't you use this roasted cauliflower to make Punjabi gobhi fry.
 Just look at the above cauliflower cooked in Punjabi style, it doesn't even require mustard and cumin tempering. Here's the link to this recipe from my other blog- same veggie many ways
-Punjabi cauliflower (gobhi fry)- less oil version

Hope you found this recipe useful.

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