Instant bread halwa- amazing Indian dessert using bread

Bread turns into a variety of sweet and savory dishes under creative cooks all over the world.
In India we make sweets like Bread Jamoon, Shahi Tukra, Bread Halwa, Bread Basundi, Layered Banana-Bread pudding etc.
Savories using bread are a popular street food all over India. You must have tasted Bread rolls (bread slices are stuffed with spiced veggies and deep fried or baked ), Bread Pakoras (deep fried fritters made by stuffing bread slices with potato filling and dipped in chickpea batter), Egg stumbler (a popular Mangalorean street food of scrambled eggs with bread cubes, Masala paav (bread slices smeared with pav bhaji and toasted, Savory masala French toast, Iyengar bakery open toast and many more.
We can make all these without a kitchen using either rice cooker, sandwich maker or electric aebelskiver pan.

Bread halwa or sheera can be made when you need a quick snack or a dessert.  People enjoy eating this and can hardly guess the main Ingredient.

You can - serve them in bowls or
              - shape it using molds/ bowls or
              - spread the hot mix on a plate and then cut them into squares when it has slightly cooled.

Appliance- Electric ricecooker
                   Sandwich grill or toaster (for toasting bread- it's optional) or
                   Non-stick pan to cook over stove top

Time- 10- 12 mins

2 cups bread cubes (plain or milk bread- it can be white or wheat bread, preferably made without egg)
2 tsp butter or ghee (you can toast the bread without this too)
1 cup milk
1/4 cup Instant Indian dessert topping
Sugar (optional, about 2 tbsp)
Nuts (optional, for decoration)

We  have to toast the bread cubes with a little unsalted butter or ghee (clarified butter).

Toasting the bread after cubing takes lot of time and moreover it will not get toasted evenly.

So you can butter the bread and  toast it either in the toaster-grill or rice cooker or on the non-stick pan.
When the bread slices are golden on both sides, cut them roughly into cubes or tear them into bits.
Heat milk in the rice cooker.

When it is hot add the bread cubes and the Instant Indian dessert topping.
Stir it well. Taste the mixture, add sugar to make it sweet as per your requirement. Do not make it overtly sweet.
Cover and cook till the mixture is thick and the bread cubes have softened (about 3-5 mins)
Switch off the rice cooker or stove top.
Stir it well so that most of the bread cubes get mixed into the halwa.
Eat it hot, cold or chilled.

To turn these into special shapes-

 Take bowl (of any shape or size) or mold. You need not grease it with butter or any fat.

Place a nut ( peeled green pistachio or an almond or a pecan or a cashew) in it.

Sprinkle a little dessert topping or brown sugar over it.

Top it with hot bread halwa. Press the halwa gently with a spoon or fingers.

Unmold it on to a plate.

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  1. Love the presentation Rekha...lovely post looks delicious!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Sushma ... I tried preparing Phenori (chiroti) from your blog. It came out well with many spiral layers.


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