Adapting Indian stir-fry into rice cooker recipes

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Mean while enjoy cooking all the recipes given in this blog. You can attempt some of the recipes from my other blog 'same veggie many ways' too.

 Tips for adapting other recipes to cook in the rice cooker

Cooking with rice cooker has some limitations. You cannot temper any of your vegetables with mustard or cumin or other seeds or split lentils. So whenever you encounter a recipe which requires tempering, use few tsps of Instant stir-fry masalas-(chickpea flour , peanut based, bhakar bhaji or kolhapuri masala) or any of the four Instant dal mix. All these masala powders have been tempered with various seeds like mustard, cumin, aniseed, thymol etc and spices such as cloves. These pop in hot oil on stove top but not in electric cooker. You need to sprinkle this pd after the vegetables are nearly done.

Malabar cucumber, snake gourd and most of the gourds cook well in a rice cooker. Pulses like chickpea take long time to cook in a rice cooker, so you can use canned pulses. Drain the liquid and rinse the pulses with fresh water before using.

Some recipes from my other blog - Same veggie many ways can be adapted into rice cooker recipes.

Cabbage and moringa leaves stir-fry
Sprinkle Instant dal mix or Instant chickpea or peanut stir-fry masala

 Snake gourd and chick peas stir-fry
Use Instant chickpea stir-fry masala instead of tempering. Use canned chick peas.

Fenugreek / Mint  and green coriander rice

Flat beans stir-fry- use Instant peanut stir-fry masala           

French beans, green peas and dhokli - Instead of making a tempering sprinkle 2 tsp  of Instant dhokli mix over the cooked vegetables and cook for 5 mins.  

Malabar cucumber stir-fry- Use Instant dal mix- 3 instead of mustard tempering. This stir-fry needs souring agent - tamarind. Instant dal mix -3 contains tamarind.
You can use tomatoes too.

Chayote squash stir-fry - 3 flavors- 
You can use chole masala, Vangi bhath masala or chutney pd to make this. 
Temper them with mustard or cumin or both after you buy this masala. Store them in airtight glass jar in a dark cupboard or you can refrigerate them.

I have given the alternative way of cooking at the end of the post. Do take some time to read it.

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