Instant Kolhapuri masala

 I am sharing with you this post from my other blog- sameveggiesmanyways. This is about a most aromatic,traditional Maharashtrian masala from Kolhapur called Kaanda lasun masala (also known as lal tikhat). It is used in everyday cooking. It gives a nice bright red color to gravies (with vegetable, pulses, chicken, eggs or mutton). You can use this to make many stir-fry too.
 It makes a tasty, aromatic, thick gravy. It contains onion, garlic, coconut, oil, red chilli pd with garam masala. The masala looks slightly wet due to onion, garlic and oil. It stays good for few months if stored in a glass jar inside a dark cupboard. You don't have to add any other masalas when you this in a gravy or a stir-fry.

You can enjoy this masala by mix some butter into this and eat this as a side dish along with bread and rotis. Some raw sliced onions along with this makes a quick delicious meal without any cooking or vegetables.

Traditional process of making is highly tedious and usually mothers made these in bulk and send it to their children. As searching , cleaning, drying, roasting  each separately and grinding these masalas into fine powder is difficult, I have simplified it using a single spice mix (goda masala or MTR pulav masala  which contains most of the  numerous masalas that goes into the Kanda lasun masala.Do add 10-12 green cardamoms into this as store brought masalas do not have that many cardamoms.

The masala already has salt so take care while adding salt into gravies.
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Easy Kolhapuri masala or Kanda lasun masala

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