Chocolate Bread Pudding

You can make this chocolate bread pudding using white bread, wheat bread or chocolate bread or chocolate chip bread with yeast. It's so simple but so good – and even better prepared two days in advance. You can eat them in large portions because it is not very rich. Though I doubt if there will be any left over, it's also wonderful cold.
If the bread is a milk bread or brioche or any rich bread you can use less sugar. I have hardly used any butter so did not want to call it Bread butter pudding. It is easy to make and tastes delicious too.
Most of the bread pudding contains evaporated milk/condensed milk/ whipping cream, butter, chocolate instead of cocoa. If chocolate is used then you will have to melt it over hot water and beat the eggs separately. I have simplified the recipe and this tastes equally great too.
I have used chocolate hazelnut bread which I had baked the day before. This was made with yeast. Don't use quick bread as they are similar to cake.

Chocolate banana hazelnut bread with yeast
Appliance- Rice cooker / Oven


20 dried cherries (you can use raisins or cranberries or dates or figs)
1/2 loaf of bread (milk bread/ brioche/ chocolate bread with yeast not quick bread)
2 tbsp chopped nuts (hazel nuts/ pistachios/ roasted peanuts/ cashew nuts) (use if your bread does not contain nuts)
1 tbsp melted butter or ghee (clarified butter)
3 tsp Instant milk masala/ Indian dessert powder

For chocolate mixture-

3 tbsp cocoa for white bread (use 2 tbsp if you are using chocolate or chocolate chip bread with yeast)
2-3 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp grated orange rind /1.5 tsp vanilla essence/ 1 tsp instant coffee powder
2 cups (400 ml) toned milk or full fat milk
1 egg  (you can replace it with 2 tbsp custard powder or pudding powder or cornstarch)
1/2 tsp apple pie spice/ pumpkin pie spice or (1/4 tsp each of cinnamon pd & grated nutmeg (jaiphal)


1. Soak the dried cherries (or other dried fruits) in little milk (2 tbsp) for 1/2 hour and cut into 2-3
    pieces. Raisins need no soaking.

2. Begin by tearing or cutting the bread into pieces. You should get about 2 soup bowls of bread

3. If your bread does not contain nuts and you want to add them, you can mix them with the bread

4. Next, place the egg, cocoa, toned milk, orange rind, sugar, grated nutmeg and cinnamon powder in
   a bowl and beat with an egg beater or an hand held beater till the sugar has completely dissolved.
   Remove the beater and give the mixture a good stir till all the ingredients mix and starts looking
   like a chocolate milkshake.

5. Grease a flat bottomed cake pan or any aluminium bowl. I wanted small bread puddings so used
   6 aluminium cupcake tins.

6. Lightly grease the pan or cups with melted butter or ghee and arrange half the bread pieces over in
    overlapping rows so that it evenly covers the bottom.

7. Now, pour half the chocolate mixture all over the bread as evenly as possible, then arrange the
    dried cherries over this.

8. Arrange rest of the bread pieces over that, finishing off with a layer of chocolate mixture. Use a
   fork to press the bread gently down so that it gets covered very evenly with the liquid. Keep this
   pan aside for 1/2 an hour to let the bread soak up the chocolate mixture. If you have a refrigerator,
   chill this for 1 hour.

arrange the cups as we did for semolina cakes

9. Place water in the rice cooker pan and place the steamer basket on it. Cover with the lid and press
    the 'cook' button. Brush the top of pudding with little ghee using fingers or place a small piece of
    butter. When the water gets heated, place pan or cups in the steamer basket. See that there is
    enough space for the steam to move about.

10. Steam the pudding for 20 mins. If you have used a single pan then it will take 30-40 mins to cook.
      You can see the liquid setting and pudding rising up.

Leave it to stand for 10 minutes before serving.

Remove them out and you can eat it right from the bowl. If you want to take them out lightly loosen it with back of a fork (try to loosen it from the bottom too) and invert it on a plate.

You can sprinkle Instant milk masala /dessert powder on it to make it more delicious OR  eat plain OR with chocolate/vanilla ice cream.

Note- You can bake this in a preheated (150 C or 320 F) for 30 mins (for cups) and 50 mins (for a single cake pan). Bake for 30-35 minutes, by which time the top will be crunchy and the inside soft and squidgy. It will be easier to place or remove the small cups from the hot oven if they are placed in a cake tin.

I will post step by step pictures when I make this again. If any of you are interested in the bread recipe here it is-

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You can cook these in rice cooker too.

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  1. Hi Rekha,

    Is it possible to prepare this pudding without eggs?

    1. Yes definitely Namrata, you can use 2 tbsp custard pd (vanilla/ orange or chocolate flavored). I have given it in the ingredients list, you must have missed it. You can take warm milk, no need of boiling this custard, use it instead of eggs.

  2. Yes Rekha, I missed it. Thank you.


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