Okra with instant stir-fry masala / Bharli Bhindi

Okra has decided to celebrate the arrival of New Year with it's 2 best friends- Peanut and Chickpea flour (Besan). Both these help the okra to stay firm in shape. Enjoy this with any meal and you will be happy when you suddenly realize that you didn't put in much effort to cook this.

Okra or Lady finger or Bhindi becomes tasty when stuffed with roasted peanut  or chickpea flour or both. If you are following my blog from the beginning you would have already prepared the two Instant stir fry masalas one using peanuts and the other using chickpea powder. Use these to prepare this stuffed okra. If you don't have these then take equal quantity of powdered roasted peanuts and dry roasted chickpea flour (besan) and season it with salt and some spices such as ginger powder, asafoetida, green chillies, coriander-cumin pd, aniseed, turmeric pd, chilli pd and sugar.

 Have a look at the ingredients that go into each of these stir-fry powders. You will get an idea of what spices you can use. If you don't have few of these... you can leave them out. Mustard and cumin should be put in hot oil for popping as they don't taste good in raw form.

1. Ingredients in peanut stirfry powder-

2. Ingredients used in chickpea flour stirfry masala powder-

Stuffed Okra/ Bharli bhindi recipe

Appliance- Stove top/ Rice cooker
Time required - 10 mins cooking time + the time required to stuff each okra

Ingredients required-

1. 25 small Tender okra/ lady finger- should be of same size for even cooking, wash and wipe them dry to avoid them turning slimy.
You can use frozen ones too, you won't be able to stuff them but you can coat the okras with this masala after frying them.

2. About 2 tsp oil to coat the pan

3. 1 tsp Garlic paste or 1/2 tsp powder (optional, I use it some times for a different taste, you might like it too.)

4. Equal quantities of Peanut masala powder and Chickpea flour masala powder (about 1/2 cup each)
You can vary the ratio as per your taste. Mix these two and check whether the salt is right. If you are using garlic powder mix it along.


If you are using frozen okra skip this step. I have given the directions to cook frozen okra after this recipe.

Heat oil in a non stick pan, fry the garlic paste in it for a minute (if using)  and arrange the stuffed okra in it.
If you are using a rice cooker then coat the bottom of the non-stick rice cooker pan with oil . Arrange the stuffed okras as shown above in the picture. If you have more stuffed okras don't over crowd or pile them but just cook them in batches.Cover it with the lid and press the 'cook' button of the rice cooker.

Cover and cook again for 5 more minutes. (the rice cooker may go to 'warm' mode by this time. Just  wait for the rice cooker to cool down slightly so that you can press the 'cook' mode again.)
If you have more okra continue with the second batch.

You can fry these stuffed Okras  in a large flat bottomed non-stick pan in a single batch as shown in the above picture.

Recipe for stir-frying frozen okra -

(If you are using frozen sliced okras do not defrost them. Heat oil in a pan and fry garlic paste for 2-3 mins till slightly golden. Add the frozen okras and fry them in oil for 7-8 mins covered with a lid. Take care to stir once in between for even cooking. Spread the stir-fry masala powder over this sliced fried okra, cover and cook for few more mins, stir well so that  the okra are covered with masala. Remove.)

Stuffed okra tastes good as a starter.
It is an ideal side dish with any Indian bread or steamed plain rice or spiced rice/ pulav

 Here are some Menu plans to go along with this Stuffed Okra-

1. Plain dal and rice + Beetroot ginger stir-fry


2. Indian Mashed potato -Tariwale alu tamatar and rice + Red or green cabbage salad (use yoghurt-black pepper dressing)



3. Tomato Dal and steamed rice + Cucumber salad or Tropical salad



4. Dal with leafy vegetable or Dal fry + Steamed rice/ Indian bread + Cucumber Pomegranate salad


5. Oat Wheat porridge (kitchdee) with or without vegetables + Cucumber-yoghurt salad


6. Papad Kadhi and steamed rice and cucumber salad


7. Instant Egg / Paneer /Tofu Masala with or without peas (add coconut milk to make a gravy) and steamed rice/ bread  

Please include a link to Delicieux & Eat Your Veg on each entry - See more at: http://www.eatyourveg.co.uk/januarys-four-seasons-food-challenge-now-open/#sthash.Yb8K5SIF.dpuf

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1. Delicieux and Eat your Veg FSF Winter 
I like this event because classifying food recipes according to season is very sensible.

2. Lets cook with green vegetables event by simply.food. There are very nice entries which I plan to try out.


3. I am new at Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary Shop Local Challenge. Hope to be regular. This one fits nicely because I am using the okra (bhindi) sourced from the local farmer who comes to our locality every evening, from Vasai which is close to Mumbai city.

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4. Nayna's Flavors of the world Grand finale

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  1. Hi Rekha,

    Finally you are back on KFBS. I had tried this recipe twice with the instant mixes from your blog and it taste really amazing. Thank you once again.

    1. I had taken a break from blogging for nearly a month. My daughter likes this too.

  2. Stuffed okras are delicious.Inviting you to link this recipe to Flavours of the world Grand finale event at simply.food too.

  3. Oh how delicious do these look?! I'm a big fan of Ladies Fingers (as I've always called them) but have yet to cook with them, your spice mix sounds amazing. Thanks so much for linking up to Four Seasons Food this month.

    1. This spice mix is from western part of India.Do try it. It is very fragrant and tasty.

  4. Looks tempting! Will try this one..

  5. Thank you all. Nayna hope I am not late.

  6. This dish sounds absolutely superb! I could go a bit plate of this just now! The flavours sound amazing and you make it look so easy to do! Thank you for sharing with #ShopLocal - it's lovely to see a new face! :)

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth for the wonderful words! I'm enjoying #ShopLocal too.

  7. This sounds amazing, I will try this one...

    1. Thank you Glennamy do check in other recipes too, you might find something new to try out.


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