Instant Gujarati daal and Dal dhokli

When I first tasted this Gujarati dal it tasted different from other Indian dals. Spices added in the  dal gives it an unique fragrance. 
This Sweet and sour dal  tastes delicious with steamed white rice or breads (Indian rotis or other). You can easily have it like a soup during winter. By adding pieces of spiced dough in this dal you can convert this into a nutritious and filling one-dish meal called Dal Dhokli. It can be further enriched by adding pieces of fresh fruits like apple, grapes and pineapple to make Fruit Dal Dhokli

As this dish has all the essential nutrients such as proteins ( in dal and nuts), carbohydrates (wheat flour), vitamins and minerals (in nuts, jaggery, dry and fresh fruits), fibre in fruits and wheat flour and some essential oils ( in various seeds, nuts) you can happily eat this instead of  your regular meal of rice/ bread, dal and vegetables.  

Appliance needed-
Rice cooker or Stove top
Time required-
Making the dough and kneading time- 5 mins
Preparing the dal and rolling & cutting dhokli pieces- 10 mins (see time saving tip given at the bottom)
Boiling the dhokli pieces in the dal- 25 mins

Instant Gujarati dal recipe


500 ml water
1/2 tsp Ghee  (optional)

1. Mix the instant dal mix in 1/2 cup water to make a paste or a solution. See that the powder dissolves well without any lumps. 

2. Take 500ml water in the rice cooker pan or in a thick bottomed sauce pan (cover the vessel with a lid).

3. Add the instant dal paste into this. Stir properly and boil it. Cover the lid of the rice cooker pan.

4. The dal gets cooked in 20 mins. Check for salt, add 1/2 tsp if required. 

5. This dal tends to thicken when it cools. You may add 1/2 cup water and heat it.

Instant dal dhokli recipe-



Dal dhokli is similar to spicy whole wheat pasta in sweet and sour lentil sauce.


Dal dhokli is made by simmering the dhokli pieces (square pieces of dough) in the above Gujarati daal.

Make the dough for the dhokli and cut out or hand mould the dhokli pieces before you start making the dal. 

 Step-1 Making the dhokli pieces

Dhokli pieces can be -

either rolled into a thin roti or tortilla with a rolling pin and then cut out into small pieces 
shaped into tiny discs with hand (these are slightly thicker than the rolled out version)

The dough used to make these dhoklis are slightly different too. 
Choose the instant dhokli mix as per your requirement.

 Making the thin Dhokli pieces -

1/2 cup Instant Dhokli mix-1
1/4 cup water

Take instant dhokli mix in a 500ml capacity bowl.

Make a well in the center. Pour the water in this and slowly start incorporating the flour into the water. When it forms a soft pliable dough, knead it for 3-5 mins.

 Divide the dough into 2 parts or 4 parts.

 Shape each into a round.

 If you don't have a rolling pin place this round ball of dough between 2 plastic sheets and press with a heavy book. Or you can dust the rounds with little flour and roll it into thin rounds using a rolling pin without a plastic sheet.

Roll them into thin rounds like roti or tortilla.

Transfer the rolled out dough on to the chopping board and cut out squares or diamonds out of  the dough.

Making thick Dhokli discs-

1/2 cup Instant Dhokli mix -2
Less than 1/4 cup water

Make a hard dough using water. Since you are not rolling out the dough, the dough need not be soft or smooth.

Divide the dough into 8-10 round balls or even more. Flatten these into small rounds (not too thick or too thin i.e, about 1/4 cm.) with help of your fingertips. You can cook these dhokli pieces first and then add the Instant dal solution into this and boil for another 15 mins to make these dal dhoklis.

Step 2- Cooking the dhoklis in the dal

Make a solution of  the instant dal mix as you did when making Gujarati dal  and start boiling it. (i.e., follow the first 3 steps)

When the dal mix has cooked for 10 mins add the dhokli pieces into the dal and boil for  another 25 -30 mins.
See that the dal is boiling nicely when you are adding the dhokli pieces. 
Also the dal should not be very thick, it should be of pourable consistency like in the above picture. These 2 things ensures that the dhokli pieces remain separate. Other wise they might form a cluster and do not cook evenly.
As this dal contains dhokli pices and is being cooked for more time than a regular dal... it tends to thicken during cooking. 
Add 1/2  cup of water when it is boiling so that you can adjust its consistency. Consistency is like that of a thick creamy soup.

Eating tip-
Top this dal or dal dhokli with clarified butter or ghee just before eating
Eat this when it is hot.
You can prepare the Gujarati dal ahead of time and reheat it when required.
Dal dhokli is tasty when eaten fresh.

Time saving tip-
1.Pepare the dhokli dough first, when it is ready keep the dal for boiling. 
When the dal is boiling you can start rolling the dough and cut them into pieces. 
By this time dal would have boiled for 10 mins. 
Now add the dhokli pieces one by one into it and boil it for 25 mins. 

2. You can arrange these cut dhokli pieces on a tray and freeze them. 
When they become hard, transfer them into a plastic bag and put them back into the freezer. Whenever you want some dhokli pieces take out  few pieces and let them to come to room temperature before using them.

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