Crunchy Indian Cucumber salad (Koshambir)

Traditionally this salad is served as a condiment along with pickles while relishing plain steamed rice and lentils (dal). It's also terrific with toasted pita wedges, taco shells and spread on sliced bread.

Sprinkle the peanut masala powder and with just 2 ingredients you have found out a great way to eat cucumbers.

Choose crisp cucumbers and if the skin is light green colour, you will have to peel it as it is thick and bitter. Dark green ones need no peeling. Press the cucumber with your finger nail and if it immediately gets pricked then you know it is fresh.

You can add pomegranate, mangoes,green or black grapes or pineapple to these. If you haven't added dry mango powder to the peanut masala then you can squeeze in a bit of lime.

1 medium sized cucumber (cubes to fill a 300 ml bowl)
2 tsp peanut masala powder
1/2 cup pomegranate arils/ pineapple/ mango/ green or black grapes (Optional)
Few drops of lime juice
Dried Mint (optional)

Peel the cucumber and quarter them lengthwise, scrape off any big seeds and cut into cubes.Or you can slice them lengthwise into long thin or thick strips.
Place them in a bowl. You can refrigerate this too.

When you are hungry-
Sprinkle peanut masala powder, dried mint and lime juice.
Eat immediately.

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