Boiling eggs in rice cooker and Egg / Paneer Masala

I am just assuming you don't know how to boil eggs in the rice cooker.  If you already know it I have a delicious egg masala recipe which is very easy to make. Vegetarians can add paneer, tofu or boiled green peas or potato cubes instead of eggs in this gravy to make Paneer Masala, Green peas masala, Mutter paneer or Alu Mutter.

Hard boiled eggs-

Take 2-4 eggs (see that they are no cracks on it.)

Place them in the rice cooker pan.

Pour water till the eggs are nearly drowned. (If eggs float completely on top then these eggs have gone bad so throw them out)

Close the lid and press the ‘cook’ button.

After 10 mins the water starts to boil, when it is boiling vigorously (rolling boil)- switch off the rice cooker and keep the eggs in the pan.

If you need the rice cooker to cook anything else transfer this water to a bowl, with a help of a big spoon lift the eggs and drop them gently into the bowl. Cover the bowl with a lid and keep for 10 mins.
Let it sit of 10 mins, the eggs will continue to cook in the hot water.

You can dip these eggs now in cold water if you are in a hurry to peel it.

Or wait till it has cooled down. You can store these in the refrigerator for few days.

How to crack them and peel them-

Hit the broader corner of the egg on a hard surface .

The egg will crack easily as there is a hollow  on this side of the egg. Peeling it is much easier from this side too.

Peel and slice it horizontally or vertically.

Egg masala


This curry goes with  plain (unsweetened) waffles, bread and Indian rotis.Usually  Indian gravies need some ground masala paste to thicken it.  So what we do is roast onion, tomatoes, fresh or dried coconut and various spices… next they are cooled and ground into a thick paste adding water and sometimes yoghurt or curd. This thick masala paste is added to boiled vegetables, pulses etc. and heated.Water  is added to adjust the  consistency of the gravy.

This gravy is made using a different method. Only few ingredients are used and instant chickpea masala and coconut milk powder is used. It is a very tasty gravy and looks and tastes just like all those gravies which needed considerable effort and time.


2 hard boiled eggs (sliced horizontally)

2 tsp or 1 tbsp oil ( oil like sunflower, peanut, coconut, ricebran but not sesame or mustard)

1 onion

1 large red tomato/ 2 tbsp tomato puree or paste (This is a mild gravy, if you want your gravy hot try using a medium sized tomato)

2 tbsp Chickpea masala powder for stir-fry

1 tsp any garam masala which contains onion and garlic powder /Kitchen king masala/ Subzi masala/ Biryani masala powder 

½ tsp dried mint crushed

2 tbsp coconut milk powder/ 3 tbsp thick coconut milk 

1 cup water(at room temperature)

Salt if needed

Let’s start preparing the gravy-

Put oil in the rice cooker pan.

Add onions and cover it with a lid.  Switch on the ‘Cook’ button.

After 5 mins the onions will be have fried well. (Don’t forget to stir it once in-between these 5 mins, as this helps all the onions to cook at same time)

Now add big cubes of tomatoes and stir well. Then cover the pan back with the lid.


Let it cook 5 more mins, it will be soft by this time.

 Sprinkle chickpea masala on top and cover and cook again for 2 mins. The steam will make the masala powder moist and will help it to cook.

Mix the masala with the onion tomato mixture.

Add coconut milk powder or thick coconut milk  into the water and stir well.

Add this coconut milk into this hot masala and stir.

Sprinkle mint and garam masala on this.

Cover it back with the lid and  cook for 2 mins.

If you want a slightly runny gravy add about ½-1 cup water.  
Taste the gravy to check the salt. If needed add 1/4 -1/2 tsp salt. Mix well and switch off the rice cooker.

Add sliced hard boiled egg into this and cover and cook. Since the rice cooker is already very hot it will cook without any power for some time.

Serving ideas-
Eat this egg masala with bread, plain waffles, steamed plain rice, Indian roti or tortilla.
Thicker version of egg masala can be used as a filling for sandwich or tortilla roll ups. You  can then grill these sandwiches too.

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This masala is used in various gravies and stir-fry.

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  1. We don't have any pots in the apartment so right now I try to cook our egg in the rice cooker and one day I will try the masal

    1. Thank you ! Janell. I will post some more easy egg recipes.

  2. Tried this one, Turned out pretty well..except for my err of using pure mustard oil to fry the veggies,,the oil's smell pretty much ate up all the other aromas.Next time will use refined oil..Thanks a bunch !!

  3. Thanks for the feedback. Mustard oil gives nice flavor to some vegetable recipes but if you are adding coconut milk or milk products in a recipe it is better to avoid it as there will be clash in flavors. Use nuetral flavored oil next time.These things happen when you have just started cooking. I have updated about the oil in the ingredients. Do try other recipes and let me know how it worked out.

  4. Are there any substitute for the chickpea masala powder?

    1. Chickpea masala pd is added to thicken the gravy and the various spices added in it makes you flavor the currry without much knowledge of Indian cooking. It also saves time as you don't have to figure out the amount of spices you will need each time you make this. But if you are allergic to chickpea pd then you can add some spices like red chilli pd or paprika, turmeric, black peppercorn pd and garam masala pd. There are other ways too..
      1. You can mash the boiled egg yolks a bit to thicken the gravy.
      2. Some times I beat an egg and add it during the last stage just like in egg drop soup, this gives a thick flavorful gravy.

  5. terima kasih atas inspirasinya! Betul sekali, makanan lezat serta sehat memang sangat penting, akan tetapi memasak dengan alat masak yang tepat juga sama pentingnya.



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