Beetroot Stir-fry with ginger

Beetroot stir-fry tastes very good with ginger. It is often found in South Indian Thali in Bangalore.
Last week I had posted this stir-fry in few facebook community and many liked it.
Try this out, you may like it too.

You can steam the beetroot (whole or cut into 4 pieces) in the rice cooker for 10-15 mins or pressure cook it (without peeling) for 5 mins.
If you are adding coconut milk cook the stir-fry for 3 mins so that it turns slightly dry. You can sprinkle 2tsp coconut milk (in powdered form) directly over the stir-fry so that the stirfry remains dry.

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  1. Feeling experimentative! How about using raw beetroot instead of boiling it? Will retain nutrients & will taste crunchy.

    1. You can use raw beet if you love it. It's called Kosambari or Koshimbir in Karnataka. Somehow I am not able to appreciate the woody taste of raw beet, may be it's due to the quality of beet available here...steaming makes it shiny and glossy and goes well with rotis.


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