Za'atar and Butter pepper Toasts and sandwich in rice cooker/ toaster/ non-stick pan)

Here are a few snacks made from bread slices ready in 5 minutes in your rice cooker/ toaster-grill/ non-stick pan.

Toasted sandwich tastes better with thick sliced wheat bread. Try to buy them instead of thinly sliced white  bread.
The above bread is Buttermilk wheat bread. I baked this in my bread machine yesterday.

Pepper butter toast-

Salt (omit it if salted butter is used)
Black Pepper pd

Let's start-

  • Mix the sugar,salt and ground pepper (pepper powder) with the butter.
  • Apply this on the bread slices.

  • Place the bread slice in the non stick pan of rice cooker with buttered side down. Cover with lid. Press 'cook' button. 
  • The button may go back to 'warm' mode after sometime, no problem- the cooker is already heated.

  • Turn the bread to the other side and cover and keep on 'warm'  or 'cook' mode (whichever mode your cooker wants to be in) for few mins.
  • Eat it when it is still warm. I know you will love it.
  • If you want to make another toast place it in the pan, the cooker might remain in 'warm' mode even after you cover it with the lid. After 2 mins try pushing the cooker back to 'cook' mode.

Whenever you remove the lid the cooker might go to 'warm' mode. It will come back to cook mode if the pan cools down a bit.

Za'atar toast-

Za'atar mix *-1 tbsp
Olive oil or Butter 
Salt (check if Za'atar or butter has salt)
Chilli pd or black pepper pd (Optional)
Pita bread/ Pizza base/ Bread slice

  • Make a paste of oil and Za'atar.
  • Apply this on one side of the bread slice.  (if it doesn't spread with a spoon or a knife use your fingers)
  • Fry like the above Pepper toast.

Za'atar sandwich/pizza-

  • Arrange slices of tomato, cucumber, scallions (spring onion/onion slices), mint leaves (sprinkle dry mint powder) and olives on this to make pizza. Use whatever is available.
  • You can spread feta cheese or labneh or cheese spread.This is optional.
  • You can toast 2 bread slices this way and sandwich these vegetables in-between.

*Make and store this Za'atar mix-
Za'atar- (This is available in any middle eastern store)

If your ready made Za'atar does not have sumac or sesame seeds then for every tablespoon of Za'atar add-
1/2 tsp Sumac - gives sourness (omit it if you don't have)
1-2 tsp-Toasted sesame (til) seeds

You can make your own Za'atar by mixing-
1/4 cup sesame seeds (toasted)
2 tsp sumac
1 tbsp thyme (dried)
2-3 tsp salt

Mix all the above and keep in an airtight container inside a cupboard away from sunlight. 

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