Frying in rice cooker and Vegetable Poha (beaten rice)

Frying in rice cooker

Most of the elecric rice cookers have two modes-one is 'COOK' and the other is 'WARM'.

Rice cooker stays in 'cook' mode in 2 conditions -
1. weight of the pan should be more or
2. temperature of food must be equal to boiling point of water AND if this increases then it goes back to 'warm' mode.

When you are boiling rice there is more water in the pan this weight automatically pushes down the 'cook' button. Also boiling water keeps the temperature of the pan ideal for 'cook' mode.

Frying in the rice cooker is quite different from boiling. The pan is not heavy in the beginning as few ingredients are put. Water is absent so temperature is also high. This makes the cooker switch to 'warm' mode. So, what we do is ...cover it with the lid, the weight of the lid helps the cooker to stay in 'cook' mode. Also you might find that when you open the lid to stir the food, the cooker sometimes automatically returns to warm mode. If that happens cover it with the lid and press the 'cook' button.
When you start adding vegetables steam starts building up and the cooker will stay in 'cook' mode.
You cannot deep fry in the rice cooker.

                         Vegetable Poha/Konkani Poha

The instant poha mix that I have used here is white (not added turmeric). I have tempered it with mustard, split black gram (urad dal), green chillies and curry leaves.

Konkani poha (Poha oosly) is made using this mix. Though traditionally this is made plain (i.e., without vegetables, with just fresh grated coconut sprinkled on top) adding vegetables increases it nutrition.
You can use instant poha mix with any tempering to make this vegetable poha. While steaming vegetables don't forget to add little water (1-2 Tbsp) otherwise peas will shrivel. Look at the green peas in the picture and you will understand. I forgot to add water before I put it into microwave.

Remembering this recipe is easier now. Click this to print the RECIPE LABEL . 
Print n stick it on your instant mix jar.

Adding tomatoes keeps the poha soft for longer time. So it tastes good even when it has cooled down.
When you want to eat it immediately add lime juice instead - it gives a better aroma to this poha. Out of all these poha recipe  I have given, tell me which one do you like most. I like mine yellow in color with peanuts, cumin seeds, onions (Kaanda poha) and sometimes with aniseeds and some pomegranate (Indori poha) .

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You can cook these in rice cooker too.

Easy Kolhapuri masala -Kaanda lasun masala
This masala is used in various gravies and stir-fry.

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  1. very eye appealing... delicious vegetable poha!! Thanks for linking it to my event!! Looking for more yummy recipes!!


  2. Thank you Sowmya,I will be surely sending few more recipes.It felt nice participating in your event.

  3. Kindly send some recipe of cooking tuar/arhar dal in rice/electric case u've ever tried.

    1. Arhar dal takes lot of time to cook in a rice cooker.Grinding it into a powder saves you lot of time and energy. Look into the dinner section and I am sure you will find some recipes that you would like to tryout.

  4. Hello there. I am from Malaysia. Nice blog, with pictures to further illustrate your explanation. These really helps! Thank you. :-)

    1. Thank you Muhammad.Please share this blog with your friends and relatives.

  5. I'm a student in US. Recently, we had a kitchen fire in our apartment which resulted in our range needing a replacement. We were desperate to get some solution for cooking our food, since fast food is costly. I'm glad that I came across your post. You don't know how much you have helped us. Heartfelt thanks and god bless from 3 guys in Auburn, AL


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