7 Breakfasts from 1 Instant beaten rice mix

Hi , I hope you have the  Instant  Beaten Rice (poha) Mix ready.
Many types of breakfast (recipes given below) and meals (see Instant Bisi Bele Bhath ) can be prepared using this homemade instant mix.

BREAKFAST : A simple steaming hot  (poha) can be prepared out of this.
But some of you may like to flavor the poha with onions or potatoes or both. You might like to add vegetables to make it nutritious. I have given recipes for all these. Good thing is that ... you can eat this at room temperature too. So this can be ideally carried along with you in a lunch box .

How to make this ? You can choose any of these recipes given below.

Remembering all these recipes is easier now. Click this to print one simple RECIPE LABEL.
Print them and stick it on your instant mix jar.

1. No fuss Plain Poha 
       1 cup=200ml

Things needed:
  • 1 cup Instant poha mix
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1tsp oil (optional)


1. Soak Instant (poha) mix in water (room temperature) for 20 minutes.

2. Fluff the poha flakes gently with a spoon.

3. Warm the poha by any of the given method-

Microwave it on high for 2 minutes in a microwave proof glass bowl or for 1 minute in microwave proof plastic bowl.

# Warm it up in a rice cooker with 2 tsp till it is steaming hot.

# Heat 1-2 tsp oil in a non-stick pan on a stove top and put the soaked poha in it. Stir it gently for few seconds. Cover and cook for 3 mins till hot.

# You can use it without cooking too. Just soak the mix as given above (but in hot water) for 20 mins and fluff the flakes with a fork and its ready. This makes it an ideal camping food!


4.Beaten Rice with Onion & Potato (Kaanda Batata Poha) Click here

5. Vegetable Poha Click here

If you want more veggies in your meal try this. I have shown this through step by step pictures
using a rice cooker. 

6. Oggarane Avalakki
Oggarane means tadka (tempering) in Kannada. This style of beaten rice is popular in most of the South Indian families.This finds it place in their breakfast menu along with different kinds of upma, idli and dosa.

Use the Instant(poha) mix  with south indian tempering (split black gram /urad dal and split chick peas/ chana dal) and follow any of the above 5 recipes.

You can top it with   grated fresh coconut and coriander leaves. You can also eat it along with coconut chutney.

7. Indori Pohe

Indore, a city in Madhya Pradesh is famous for its snacks. People in this city love to have this beaten rice for their breakfast. They garnish it with sev and pomegranate transforming this humble poha to a colorful party food. If you like saunf (aniseed) in your snacks then this poha will become your favorite. Adding different veggies gives it a different taste and colour.
Garnishing this poha with sev (especially the Ratlami sev which is thicker and spicier than normal sev) makes it tastier. 

To make this poha use the Instant (poha) mix  with aniseed (saunf) tempering and follow any of the first 5 recipes given above.

I have made this using onion, potatoes. (Recipe 4). I have also added little steamed green peas.
Steam 1/2 cup frozen green peas along with potato cubes in the rice cooker or in the microwave for 4-8 mins ( potatoes might take longer than 4 mins).

You can top it with coriander leaves, gram flour sev, pomegranate and also can squeeze in few drops of  limejuice to make it slightly tart.

I am sending this to Pari's Event hoping to spread this easy recipe to women who will become busy mothers in days to come.

Only pregnancy

Hope you found this recipe useful. Please visit again and stay connected. 

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