Dehydrating herbs and green chilli in microwave

It is always good to have some of our favorite herbs in dried form. They can easily replace fresh herbs in most of the recipes. Dried herbs are easy to manage as they keep well in airtight containers and are great during months when fresh ones are not around.
Basil, mint, oregano, rosemary, curry leaves etc can be dried in this way. Traditional form of drying the herbs makes the herbs loose their green colour, and if you are staying in humid areas drying them is difficult.

 Herbs tend to stay green and retain their aroma when dried in microwave.Dried versions should be used in less quantity than the fresh herbs.
See that you use only 1/4-1/3 amount of dried herbs in place of fresh ones.
(1Tbsp fresh herbs=3/4 or 1tsp dried herbs).

 Similarly I partly dehydrate the sliced green chillies in the microwave before using them while making instant mixes. These semi dried green chillies turn crisp in very less time.Completely dried ones tend to get burnt when you fry them and make the instant mix bitter, so they are only partly dried.

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  1. I love this Rekha... I tried storing mint leaves once but did not dry them with a towel so they did not stay green. I am definitely trying this one.. I will now b able to have my adrak phudina chai everyday.. can I also try this on lemon grass?

  2. Sure Sejal...Most of the herbs dehydrate easily by this method,except Indian ajwain leaves(Due to it's high water content).

  3. thats a nice tip.. i can now have all dried herbs home made..


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