Instant konkani daal-( Daali Thoay)

There are many tasty food created with minimal ingredients. Daali Thoay is one of them. Armed with the instant dal mix you can prepare this tasty dal in 10 minutes without a pressure cooker.

Konkani community love this dal. It is a must in every festive meal and it is served in temples during community meals. It is always present in the wedding feasts and finds its place in the daily menu of most of the Konkani families.

I was a picky eater in my childhood and used to eat this dal often as I could not tolerate the spice level of other food. Eating the same dish most of the days made me dislike the very same dish I adored. So when I started cooking ,this dal was ignored by me for many years. I plan my weekly menu  and try not to repeat a dish for many months. This has made me enjoy Daali Thoay again. Though this dal is traditionally made without tomatoes and cumin- adding them makes it interesting.

Since this blog is all about cooking with limited means I have not garnished it with coriander (cilantro) leaves. You may garnish it if it is available. 

For all of you who are cooking in the rice cooker:

If you are cooking in a rice cooker with 2 pans. Cook the rice in one of its pan remove and keep it aside and then cook dal in another.
If you have a single pan in your rice cooker then cook the rice first and tranfer it into a bowl and then in the same pan you can prepare this dal.


NEW! This recipe is available as a printable label. Click hereto print it out and stick it on your Instant dal mix-2 jar.

Appliance required:Rice cooker or microwave or stove

Cooking time:          15 mins if prepared with just the  Instant dal mix -2
                                  25 mins if you are adding tomato.

All you need is:
  •    1 tomato (deseeded and chopped into small pieces) 
  •    2 tbsp instant dal mix-2 
  •    2 1/4 cup water 
  •    coriander leaves, ghee, lime juice (optional)     


  1. Take a microwave safe glass bowl/ rice cooker pan (which comes inside the rice cooker) or a sauce pan. Fill it with 1 cup water.
  2. Add  tomato pieces into it and boil for 10 mins.
  3. Take 2 tbsp Instant dal mix -2 into a bowl and add 1/4 cup water. (don't takeout the dry red chilli now)
  4. Stir this instant dal mix and the water with a spoon to get a paste.
  5. Add 1 cup water to this  and stir well. Add one dry red chilli from the instant mix now.
  6. Add this dal into the cooked tomato and boil for another 15 minutes.
  7. Eat with soft boiled rice and papad. You can put 1/2 tsp ghee on top.

  • See that you add one dry chilli from the mix each time you make the dali thoay.
  • You can add a green chilli slit lengthwise into the boiling dal if you want the dal to be on the hotter side.
  • Squeeze few drops of lime if you are not using tomato.
  • If you are not eating it immediately you will find that the dal has thickened. All you need to do is add some hot water and boil it till it is heated through.

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  1. Oh that is delicious and comforting dish!! Thanks for linking it to my event!! Looking for more yummy recipes!!


  2. You are welcome Sowmya!!I am happy to have found one more blogger friend!!


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