Spiced Tapioca Pearls (Sabudana Kitchdee)



Preparing this kitchdee is no longer time consuming if you make it with the   recipe  I had shared with you. Prepare this mix and store it in a jar labelled with this kitchdee recipe. It is  ideal to carry along when you travel or you can give a jar to your children if they are staying away from home.

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 Soaking time  30 minutes

 Cooking time 10 minutes

All you need is:

2. Water                                                                     200 ml

Extra ingredients you can add if needed:

1.When instant potato flakes are not added into the mix you can add  about 1 cup of potatoes (boiled, peeled, and cut into small cubes). Or you can just omit the potatoes .

2.Coriander leaves (cilantro) and lemon juice.


Soak 150ml Instant Sago (sabudana or tapioca pearl) mix in 200ml water for 30 minutes. If the sago pearls are of bigger size then soak for 45-60 minutes. When you press a grain with your finger it should easily get crushed. If they are still hard soak for some more time, unsoaked sago becomes hard when cooked don't taste nice. Soaking time depends on the quality of the sago.

This can be made in a single pot. Saves you lot of clean up time. You can soak this in a microwave safe bowl or in the pan that comes inside the rice cooker or in the saucepan if you are cooking on the stove top. You can then cook it in the same pot.

After 30 minutes stir the mixture with a spoon and heat it for 10mins (for rice cooker or stovetop) though cooking in the microwave takes less time.

You will have to stir it time to time. You can add 2 spoons oil or ghee if you need. If you are adding potato cubes add it now.

When the mixture becomes thick and the sago grains have become translucent it is time to remove the pan from heat.

Mixture may look sticky at this time. Cover and keep it for 10 minutes. By this time the mixture becomes dry and the grains will separate.

Eat hot or at room temperature with a bowl full of yoghurt or curd.

And you can garnish it (though it is not an absolute necessity):
You can garnish with coriander leaves (cilantro) and grated frozen or fresh coconut.
Squeeze in about 1/2 tsp lemon juice if you had not added citric acid in the mix.

It tastes good with or without potatoes.
You can add frozen peas,small pieces of carrots (microwave it for 2 mins with 2 spoons of water) to make it both nutritious and colorful.

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