Instant Riceflakes Cereal Mix

When you serve this with fruit and milk, it tastes better than cornflakes. This is also a popular dessert in South India served during festivals.

You can use any fruit that tastes good with milk.

One such option is Cantaloupe and riceflakes cereal.


1 cup                 Beaten rice flakes (thin variety poha) 

1/4-1/2 cup       Jaggery, chopped into small pieces  (demerara or brown sugar)  

1                       Green cardamom (Small piece of vanilla bean, slit)

1tsp                   Sugar           


1. Grind the riceflakes into powder. (OPTIONAL step, you can also keep the riceflakes whole to get  something to bite into...)

2. Grind the cardamom with 1 tsp sugar into fine powder.

3. Mix riceflakes powder, jaggery and cardamom powder (or vanilla piece) together.

4. Store it in an air tight container.


   You can reuse the vanilla bean while making the next batch of this mix.  :)

Print out the recipe label for fruit cereal using this mix and stick it on this instant mix jar.

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